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Investor Desktop
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Investor Desktop

The Investor Desktop provided clients with everything they need to manage their financial life. This includes:

  • Personal Financial Organizer & Consolidator
  • Account Look Up & Details
  • Account Management Tools
  • Printable Portfolio Reports & Statements
  • Advisor Collaboration & Communication Tools
  • Financial Document Storage
  • Account Aggregation
  • Goal Planning & Budgeting Tools

User Experience Tasks
Participated as the user interface designer for a new wealth management solution. This included designing the entire user expeirence for two releases of a client web application.


Responsible for the user analysis of the target audience by consulting with domain experts (financial planners, business analysts)

  • Translated business requirements and use cases into high level user interface concepts.
  • Prototyped the web application through the use of Dreamweaver
  • Designed story boards, and information architecture using Visio
  • Designed the final product’s look & feel using Photoshop
  • Designed common GUI metaphors and patterns that could be re-used throughout the application.
  • Documented screens within a functional/UI specification
  • Mentored junior designer

Other Screens

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Goal Setup   Goal Setup   Goal Setup
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